During the Japanese tea ceremony is always, in traditional powder form, green tea. Green tea leaves are dried, roasted and finally crushed and preserved in the Natsume, a wooden lacquer box. With the Chashaku, a small holder of ceramics to a wooden handle, the powder is measured.‚Äč

This Chashaku is passed to every participant of the ceremony. The participants have their own bamboo spatula with which a serving tea in his or her tea bowl is done. Then boiling water that in a cast iron boiler, which is in the middle of the mat, served over the tea in the bowls bestowed with the Hishaku, a special spoon. If last used a Chasen, a brush of bamboo, used to make the tea on to beat making a frothy structure arises. By this the distinctive bitter taste that gets the frothing tea in this method of tea is created.

Gietijzeren theepot Tokyo Studio Design YoginiPreparing black tea

Black tea with water that just the cooking is finished. It is than some 95 °c. The tea should be about 3 to 4 minutes. With longer draw can be the tea bitter.

Preparing green tea

When putting green tea the boiled water to cool off to about 70 a 80 °c. This ensures that the good qualities of the tea remain optimal. Let green tea 3 to 5 minutes.

Preparing white tea

Also white tea is put with water of 70 to 80 °c. The tea can have 5 to 7 minutes be drawn this to taste.

Making a nice cup of tea

Every tea species requires its own method. Preferably cooking we water and pouring this directly on the tea but that the smell and taste. Making calls for the right water temperature because the higher the temperature of the water the more the taste more bitter substances is lost. The ideal temperature is 85 ° c. This temperature is the easiest to realize through the water to boil, leave it for about three minutes to cool and then pour the water on the tea. How strong the tea needs to be depends on the taste of the tea drinker but on average must be a tea 3 to 8 minutes. For loose tea; about one and a half teaspoon in 200 ml water.

Tea and health

Tea is traditionally drunk for health, it has anti-inflammatory properties, cholesterol lowering, regulates blood sugar levels, strengthens the immune system, slows down aging and helps to lose weight because of the enhancing effect on the metabolism.

Storage tea

Tea is susceptible to the influences of light, moisture, odor and temperature. Store tea in an airtight and dark packaging.